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Josh & Allison Josh & Allison

We are Allison & Josh. We come from large, loving families. We'd love the opportunity to raise a child amongst those wonderful people. Please know that if you do choose us as the adoptive parents for your baby, it's not just Josh and I adopting. It's our entire family.

Sam & Tara Sam & Tara

 Are you looking for us? We've been looking for you! Come get to know us, and see what we're like! You might laugh as you do so, but that's ok. :) Thanks for stopping by! You can also visit our blog at 

Steve & Amy Steve & Amy

Hoping to become parents through the miracle of adoption.

Ryan & Corinne Ryan & Corinne

Hi! We're Ryan and Corinne. We are really looking forward to adding to our family through adoption. We have so much to offer your child and we can't wait to hear from you. Check out our profile and website to learn more about us.

James & Jennifer James & Jennifer

Jim, Jenn, and Lindsey! Hoping to grow our family by one!!!!

Matthew & Holly Matthew & Holly

"Love comes from service, not genetics."

We are Matthew, Holly and Sam. Years ago we found out that having more children would be complicated and dangerous so we have started our journey towards adoption.

John & Shannon John & Shannon

We are John and Shannon and we are so excited about the possibility of finally becoming parents to a newborn baby in California. We are eager to share all the love we have with a child. Please know that your child will be safe, loved, happy,  and surrounded by two very excited parents as well as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. We will protect this precious gift and give him or her everything life has to offer.

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