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Keith & Shaye Keith & Shaye
Antoin & Antonella Antoin & Antonella

Dear Parent/s,

We are a NY married couple, waiting for the blessing of a lifetime. We admire you for being so selfless and chosing to give your precious baby a better life.

Antoin & Antonella

Timothy & Adrienne Timothy & Adrienne
We are a healthy and active couple from New York. We promise to always place your child's safety and happiness first and to provide a home filled with endless, unconditional love. Please also visit our website at or call us at 1-800-723-2012.


Nathan & Chandra Nathan & Chandra

´┐ŻA doctor & nurse(now stay-at-home mom) living In sunny San Diego, CA, We were high school sweethearts, are very active in church & community, and parents of two amazing little boys. . .hoping to add some pink and princess to our home.

Jason & Justin Jason & Justin

We live in a family-oriented neighborhood in Omaha, NE and have been dreaming for years of becoming parents. We would love to get to know you and your dreams for your baby. View our agency profile at

Anthony & Suzanne Anthony & Suzanne

Good day to all! We are a loving couple that is eager to grow our family through the gift of adoption. We are hopeful to meet the right birthfamily that sees how much we can offer their child, including unconditional love, guidance, a stable home and support in all their endeavors throughout their life. Through much prayer, we are confident that we will have the chance to be loving parents through this selfless act on the part of the birthfamily.

Tony & Michelle Tony & Michelle

Hello from Atlanta, Georgia!

Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are incredibly excited about becoming parents and deeply admire you for considering adoption. We know you have a lot to think about and are here for support if you need us.

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