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J & Laura J & Laura

Hi! We are J and Laura from the Berkeley/Oakland area in Northern California. We have been married almost 20 years and best friends for 22. For the last 6 years our family has also included one of the best dogs in the world, Buster. There are many reasons why we think we will be great parents; one of those being that a child in our home will be raised on lots of love and laughter.

Rohan & Ritu Rohan & Ritu
Jayson & Tiffany Jayson & Tiffany

We are pleased that you wuld like to know more about us!

We are an active family in Oregon hoping to grow our family through adoption.

We hope the following information helps you. If you would like to learn more about the adventures of our family; we have created our own personal website specifically for you. Please feel free to contact us if you have specific questions.

Steven & Stephanie Steven & Stephanie
If you have made the courageous loving decision to place your baby�for adoption ,please consider us!�We have been trying to start a family for over 2 years now but no luck obgyn's say we are unable to carry so we�realized that adoption is a perfect solution.The child we adopt will be truly cherished�and blessed.
Owen & Jessica Owen & Jessica

 We are Jessica,Owen and Clark. We adopted Clark at birth and are forever grateful to his courageous birth mother. We are excited to expand our family via open adoption and  welcome a child of any race. We hope this profile provides you with a glimpse into our lives, but most importantly, hope that you see we are so excited to provide another child with a life of adventure, excitement, education and above all love! 

Ricky & Courtney Ricky & Courtney

We are so excited to become first time parents! We have been married for almost five years and cannot wait to bring home our bundle of joy! We are comfortable with any level of openness in the adoption. Thank you so much for considering us to raise your sweet baby!

Jason & Sara Jason & Sara

Hello! We are Jason and Sara from beautiful Boise, Idaho and we want to grow our family through adoption. Please view our profile for more info....

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